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The Art Department's News.

Each of the following students who participated in the China (Taiwan) International Arts Competition, won a medal for the exceptional artwork presented at the competition of them:


Farah Shahrour

Grade 8

Silver Medal

Anoud Dabbas

Grade 10

Bronze Medal

Yasmine Qusous

Grade 3

Bronze Medal

Jawad Khirfan

Grade 3

Certificate of Recognition


Ms. Angelina Pan, the Cultural Counselor at the Embassy of The Republic of China visited the school on Monday December, 12th to meet the students and present them with their medals.



Our school participated also in the art competition hosted by the Educational Cultural Forum under the title "Independence Festival", and the following students' artworks won :


Masa Azar

Grade 10

Second Place

Taleen Hreiz

Grade 7

Second Place

Qais Dabbas

Grade 4

Third Place

The winners were honored in a ceremony held under the patronage of HRH Princess Basma Bint Talal.


Congratulations to all of them.