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Amman National primary School includes grades 1-6. We follow the constructivist approach to teaching and learning; it is child-centered, emphasizes active learning, and focuses on the child as a whole. The aim of the school is to balance teaching basic skills with creativity and real life application of the skills learned.

ANS has adapted the guidelines of the Jordanian Ministry of Education in a way that best fits the needs of the students.  Instruction is mainly in Arabic, as we believe children think and learn best through their own experiences using their native language. A rigorous English program is taught daily. Science in English is introduced in grade 5 to boost the students’ scientific terminology.

Our nurturing program and flexible teaching techniques allow our students to build confidence and self-discipline as they develop morals and values. We believe in an emphasis on creative ability, self-expression, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and project based learning. Community is an important aspect of our school. We have active room parents, and families are encouraged to often volunteer in the classroom.

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