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At ANS we believe that high school is a place where students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for their future field of study and career of choice. We strive to offer our student a smooth transition from middle school. We are committed to the personal and academic growth of each student and strives to provide an education that enables and empowers its students to develop their intellectual, emotional, and physical abilities, to understand and respect the similarities and differences among themselves and others, and to develop a sense of belonging to the larger community. Students participate in creative projects and service learning activities as well as attend various national and international conferences and seminars to help them become involved citizens locally and globally. 


In order to meet the needs of our diverse group of learners, we offer a variety of educational programs to cater to the different capabilities, ambitions, and future visions. Our academic programs include scientific and literary  streams of the  Jordanian High School Program (Tawjihi), the International Baccalaureate Program. Academic and career counseling is emphasized in high school to help all students realize their full potential and choose the academic program best suited for their current needs and potential future career.  



We have a group of talented and dedicated staff with full understanding of the demands of the different programs. Professional development for faculty is essential to keep them up to date with the

latest approaches to teaching and help them comply with the requirements of the academic programs offered.

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