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The Science Department at ANS believes that practical work enriches students learning and improves their thinking skills. It gives the students the chance to practice the scientific method and hence to gain greater appreciation for the science and the natural world.

In our school, there are four fully equipped labs: one to serve the elementary school, and the three other labs, physics, chemistry, and biology, to meet the requirements of the national and international programs.

The labs are not limited to conducting experiments; they are extensively used to do scientific projects, conduct researches, and prepare for the extended essays and internal assessments for the IB students.

ANS has a lab for two international competitions: "First Lego League FLL"' and "F1 in Schools". These competitions are designed to encourage students to learn more about science and technology in an interactive and creative environment.

In our labs, we are keen on applying safety precautions, proper chemical storage, and accurate labeling. The labs are provided with all tools to ensure safety for students.

The labs are supervised by three full time lab technicians; their tasks include preparing the experiments, supervising students during lab work, and finding alternative solutions to contingent situations. Teachers schedule lab visits throughout the year to support the curriculum. Students visit the labs as early as kindergarten.

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