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We consider our Library and Information Center the heart and pulse of our school. It aspires to provide as many different information sources as possible and to keep pace with the world progress in the dissemination of knowledge.It also aspires to develop our students’ skills in obtaining information from various sources for use in the educational process at both school and college.

Our Information Centre is a multimedia resource centre that is designed to accommodate two libraries: one for grades K-4 and another for grades 5-12.

It comprises a collection of approximately 42000 volumes in Arabic and in English in addition to audio visual material and a computer lab for students’ use. The centre has subscriptions to several educational electronic sites. It also holds audio tapes, slides, and film strips. Our collection has been selectively developed with particular regard to the curriculum needs as well as the interests of the students.

The Library and Information Centre has a team of professionals and well-trained staff that are able to assist users with their different needs.

It is a place where students discover printed and online resources and develop their research skills including how to select and evaluate resources with the help of librarians and teachers.

Our Library and Information Center is a place for everybody to collaborate, connect, and interact!

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