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Once you step into Amman National School, you can’t but sense something special about it. It is a place where friendships begin, passions are discovered, and talents are nurtured. Students are known well by teachers and administrators. Parents pitch in to help teachers, read to children, and organize funfairs. Alumni drop by just to say hello.
Happiness, friendship, care, kindness, and success blend together effortlessly, creating the unique ethos and family atmosphere of our school. As a relatively small school of 800 students, aged 4 – 18 years, we are able to nurture and develop our students in a safe yet stimulating environment. The close care and strong support for each individual are genuinely personalized. A wide-range of co-curricular activities are smoothly and effectively incorporated into our challenging curriculum, leaving students enthused in their learning journey and very proud of their achievements.
ANS offers a place where students develop the confidence to be intellectually and creatively fearless whether they are singing during a 3rd grade concert, leading the basketball team to victory, or organizing a science fair. Students find their unique voice at ANS. And while each voice is distinct, together they create a joyful chorus that echoes throughout the school hallways.
We invite you to explore the school’s website to learn more about the people, the programs, and the character of the school, and preferably we would like you to visit the school and experience firsthand how special the place is.
Thank you for your interest in ANS.