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Amman National School, a private co-educational school, was established in 1985 by five Taher Sisters who aspired to make a positive change in the Jordanian educational system. Dara, the founding director and a tenured teacher, continues to serve as the Head of School to this day. Zuka, a math specialist and former teacher, is the Deputy for Academic Affairs. Haya, a former teacher and High School Head, is the Deputy for School Activities. Jana, a former teacher, is the English Language Coordinator.
The father, Mohammad Yousef Taher, who has always believed that good education is the key to positive social change and development, has financed the school and has been an inspiring spirit to school’s prosperity throughout the years.
The school started with grades 1-3 in a rented building. Two years later, the school moved to its current location in Dabouk for grades KG-5. From then onward, the school added a grade every year. The first graduating class was in 1995. Since then, the school has continued to expand and extra facilities and classrooms have been added to provide more learning space and services. ANS, now, has full enrollment of 800 students from KG-12th grade.
ANS is licensed by the Jordanian Ministry of Education and offers the Jordanian National Program for grades (1-12). Students can join an international program starting 9th grade. ANS is authorized to give the International Baccalaureate Diploma for grades (11-12).
The majority of students at ANS are Jordanians; however, the student body comprises Algerians, Americans, Cypriots, Egyptians, Lebanese, Moroccans, Palestinians, Syrians, Swedish and Tunisians.     
ANS is proud to have a trained, experienced and devoted staff. The ratio of students to teachers is 1:8.