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Transportation service is available to students who reside in many areas of Greater Amman. Buses are driven by professional drivers and are safely escorted by friendly and caring female bus monitors.   The transportation cost is added to the tuition fees.



Medical Care

Amman National School is committed to providing a friendly, safe and efficient environment for all students requiring physical or emotional care.

Our clinic is well equipped to provide medical care in case of emergencies. A full time physician is available during school hours to take care of both students and staff members.

All students are covered by accident insurance policy that covers their medical expenses, up to JOD 1000 per case, for accidents during school hours.





Amman National School has a cafeteria that serves students from grades 1-12 through two stations. The cafeteria offers different kinds of cold and hot sandwiches, salads, soups, and juice that are approved by the school administration.



Safety and Security


The school has three gates that are monitored by security officers. No one is allowed to and out of the school without checking.  Security cameras are installed in the main halls, the playgrounds, and at every school gate.