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The Art Department at Amman National School focuses on developing students’ technical abilities, creative thinking and techniques of self- expression. The department includes the following:
Visual Arts classes are designed for students in all grade levels; including International Baccalaureate Diploma at Higher and Standard Level.  

Visual Arts classes are planned thoroughly to give the students opportunities to explore various techniques and mediums, and to express their ideas and emotions. Students further learn about Art History through the resources available at the school’s library, assigned specialized guest speakers, and extracurricular visitations to galleries. Moreover, students are also given the chance to participate in local and international art competitions.    

Drama classes are provided to the elementary school. Drama classes are designed to develop verbal and non- verbal communication skills, confidence, and imagination through group and individual exercises.

Furthermore, Students in elementary and middle school are required to attend music classes. Through these lessons, students learn to play various instruments including guitar, drums, and violin through reading notes. Students learn about music from different cultures and times and perform in annual school concerts.

Design Technology classes are provided for students in Seventh through Twelfth grade; including International Baccalaureate Diploma at Higher and Standard Level.  

Design Technology focuses on the students’ understanding of perspective, construction, and industrial design through theoretical and practical assignments. Students learn how to use various tools and computer programs to assist in the execution their projects.

Students are assigned to Home Economic classes starting from Fifth grade all through tenth. This course encompasses a wide array of basic life skills. These everyday skills include first- aid, cooking, sewing, money management. Home Economics classes are well rounded, comprehensive, and interactive.