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Reference Section:
This section comprises all reference collection which is a non-circulating material designed to meet the basic research and information needs of the school in the different subject areas; Encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, yearbooks and other reference books. By their nature, these books are seldom read cover to cover, but are referred to in order to get specific information. There are 911 volumes in Arabic and 135 volumes in English.

Periodicals Section:
This section comprises all periodicals, specialized and general, that are of interest to the staff and the students. There are 46 periodicals; 28 in Arabic and 18 in English.

Audio Visual Section:
This section contains:

  • Video cassettes. There are 680 video cassettes; 291 in English and 389 in Arabic. All videos are educational to enhance the curriculum, or documentaries that cover a wide range of fields of knowledge, in addition to classical films.
  • DVDs. There are 584 DVDs; 398 in English and 186 in Arabic.
  • Audiotapes mostly children’s songs for the kindergarten and elementary students.
  • Film strips of scientific nature.
  • CD ROMs. The library has 86 of them.

Teachers’ Resources Section:
This section is made up of educational, teaching and guidance books and other materials aiming to :

  • Enrich the knowledge of the teaching staff.
  • Assist the teachers to develop and enhance their teaching methods.
  • Allow teachers to constantly review and update their skill regarding new methods and ideas in the field of education.
  • Assist the teaching staff to develop and update the curriculum

This section also includes the “Big Books” series that are used by the KG and primary school teachers in the application of the Whole Language method of teaching. There are 140 big books.
This section has 5906 volumes; 4508 in English and 1398 in Arabic.

Fiction and Non-fiction Section:
The fiction titles are arranged according to class levels, beginning with books for KG, then 1st grade upwards. The section has 15127 titles; 7596 in Arabic and 7530 in English.

The non-fiction titles are classified according to subject and level. These books deal with all realms of knowledge; literature, general science, applied science, art, history, geography …etc. It consists of 11549 titles; 8247 in Arabic and 3302 in English. All books in this section are circulated to students in addition to teachers and staff.