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Book Acquisition and Classification:
The IC acquires all books and other materials recommended by teachers, staff and IC staff. Dewey Decimal Scheme is used as a classification scheme.

Circulation Service:
This service is open to students, teachers and the rest of the staff. The students are allowed two books at a time for one week, one in Arabic and one in English. The number and the period may be exceeded in demanding cases. As for the teachers and staff, they are allowed any number of books they may need for 2 weeks. An Average of 2500-3500 titles is circulated monthly.

Research Service:
The IC offers guidance to students on the proper methods of research, as well as instructions on how to search the web, the software for library contents. The IC also provides students with any material necessary for their research. The deputy is responsible for this service in addition to her other responsibilities. She guides the students in the method of researching and writing their papers, in a logical manner with clear ideas and documented references.

Bibliographical Services:
The IC staff prepares bibliographies according to subjects, titles,...etc. upon request.

Selected dissemination of Information:
A major service the IC offers is to disseminate specialized information for persons concerned, such as specialized information from magazines or books and notes of newly arrived titles of special interest.

International School Library Month:
Every year, the library organizes and supervises “the International School Library Month”. During this month various activities are run. There are general knowledge contests, book writing competitions, visits and lectures by authors or workshops that deal with specific subjects. Also during this period, a book fair is open to students, staff and parents. Books are sold at reduced prices.

Computer Services:
The IC is fully computerized and uses WINIISIS as a software. It is also one of the Internet access points in the school. There are 25 sets of computers, 2 scanners and 2 printers.

Electronic Services:

The site of the Information Centre covers all areas pertaining to the Centre. It provides users with “Newly Arrived Materialssection which is updated constantly to give a clear precise idea of the contents of the library in terms of title, author, subjects, call number…etc.

The IC site also includes “Researcher's Cornerwhich guides users to the proper methods of research. It gives full detailed information about the subject, such as evaluating resources, academic honesty, research process, citation, bibliography…etc.

Bulletin Boards:

The Information Centre uses the bulletin boards to enrich students’ and staffs’ knowledge with hot issues and current events of the world, in addition to informing them of the “Newly Arrived Materials”.

Newly Arrived Materials:

A list of all new materials arriving to the Centre is monthly compiled and sent by e-mail to teachers, in addition to displaying them on bulletin boards and the IC site.