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Technology, today, is more than a tool to access information or to communicate. Technology has become interwoven into every aspect of our life.  Thus ICT has become an indispensible skill. 

In order to provide our students with the best opportunities, we make sure that ANS students get the optimal ICT “experience” through offering a varied, challenging and creative curriculum.  The aim is to foster a desire for knowledge and to encourage students to take risks in the pursuit of learning, so that by the time they leave ANS, they are all skilled and competent users of ICT.

The ICT Department at ANS implements  technology to develop critical thinking, to communicate ideas, to access information, and to solve problems. We seek that our students become  knowledgeable, flexible, and creative problem solvers.

We are constantly investigating new software and technologies in order to enrich our ICT provision. Students have the opportunity to use a wide range of software, including MS-Office Applications, Movie maker, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Front Page, Visual Basic, Logo programming language, Adobe Premiere, publisher…

Besides, the school considers the use of technology mandatory for teachers, administrators, and support staff in order to become more efficient and effective in facilitating and managing the learning environment and fostering lifelong learning.

The school currently has 4 fully-equipped computer labs, including one at the school library. Computers are also located within Science labs, Design and technology, Music, Learning Support and other multi-purpose rooms, all provided with projection facilities.

The network and wireless connections cover the whole school campus; all users can easily access whatever they need at any moment.

In our primary school, in particular, all classrooms are equipped with computers. Having computers in classrooms gives teachers and students easy access to the internet and other ICT resources. It also provides opportunities for collaborative and independent  learning.

The ICT Department would like to invite our visitors to experience the joy of using two winner Apps. from the App Store that the students developed at school:

Jordan In-n-Out     (A Touristic Guide)

Wrinkle Shrinker    (A game that promotes Jordanian Products)