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The counseling department of Amman National School is dedicated to ensuring that all students have academic, emotional, and social support so that they may develop their unique talents and abilities to their fullest potential. Our counselors collaborate with parents, students and staff to identify developmental needs and design programs that guide students on a healthy path toward adulthood.

The counseling department is comprised of two counselors that are assigned according to particular age groups. The counselors collaborate on a case by case bases to assist students in need.

Amman National School's counseling department offers a number of services that are dedicated to ensure and pursue the healthy development of our students. These services include counseling sessions that are related to the emotional growth, character development and behavioral aspects of the students. Furthermore, our counselors conduct peer-mediation training and group counseling sessions which enable students to resolve their inner conflicts as well as the conflicts of their peers. Moreover, specific sessions are provided for both teachers and students in order to spread awareness on issues that include children and adolescent development, time management and appropriate study habits. Finally, school-wide awareness campaigns are designed on either a semester or yearly bases and are decided upon according to the desired needs of the school and the students.

The counseling department at Amman National School adopts an open door policy and our counselors are dedicated to ensure that they are always in reach to students, parents, and teachers.